Low impact development (LID) stormwater management, an alternative to conventional grey infrastructure, provides a number of ecological and social benefits, while also leaving space for profit. Here’s how.


In urban and developed areas, impermeable surfaces like pavement stop precipitation from soaking into the ground. Instead, water runs rapidly into stormwater infrastructure like storm drains, sewer systems and drainage ditches, which can cause flooding, erosion, sewer system overflow, and damaged infrastructure. 

This water also carries debris, chemicals, bacteria and other pollutants into streams, rivers, and lakes, contaminating them. However, stormwater design and “green infrastructure” are increasingly being used in Barrie and Simcoe County development to capture and reuse stormwater to restore natural hydrologies.


Ontario has made a significant shift towards decentralized LID practices that increase infiltration and decrease surface runoff in order to prevent costly flooding events, damage to municipal infrastructure and polluted waterways.

Examples of LID infrastructure include:

  • rain gardens and bioswales
  • green roofs
  • perforated pipe systems
  • permeable pavement
  • downspout disconnection
  • barrels and cisterns for rainwater harvesting

Conventional stormwater management models have been adapted to incorporate more green infrastructure in order to promote its widespread adoption by engineers, planners and decision-makers in Simcoe County development. 


Squarefoot Commercial Group is committed to the purposeful development of Simcoe County. We know what’s trending and ending in our market, and what will encourage, discourage or limit opportunity.

We know that LID will play an important role in Barrie and Simcoe Country development. Not only will it help solve problems with the current model, it will also help improve water quality, reduce urban heat island effect, and enhance neighbourhood beauty.

By implementing LID practices, Barrie and Simcoe County developers can decrease how much they’ll pay when the City of Barrie moves to charge stormwater user fees based on the size of impervious surface areas next year, and benefit from other incentives like credits, rebates, and grants. 

Permeable surfaces also offer a longer life cycle and require less maintenance than impermeable surfaces, which can make a big difference in terms of long-term costs, and can help ease the burden on existing municipal infrastructure. 


Squarefoot commercial realtors are committed to purposeful Simcoe County development. We live in the community, we understand it, and we are invested in its sustained, positive growth. 

We work with local governments, other commercial realtors, and advisors to help buyers and sellers make the best commercial real estate decisions with an understanding of public policy, demand and land value, as well as highest and best use.

Contact us to learn more about our approach or get more information about our current commercial real estate listings. We can help you achieve your commercial real estate goals — reach out to our commercial real estate experts today!

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