Real Estate Land Development Insights

Jul 13 2022

How Land Sales Shape Our Communities in Ontario

Now more than ever, real estate transactions are shaping Ontario communities. Real ...
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Jun 23 2022

The Land Development Process: What the Seller Should Know

A solid understanding of the process, costs and risks associated with the ...
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Photo of Downtown Barrie Ontario at night

Jun 1 2022

Land Use Planning in Ontario: How it Works & Why You Should Care

Municipalities can manage their growth and development through careful land-use planning while ...
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photo of miniature buildings

May 27 2022

Changes to Ontario’s Non-Resident Speculation Tax (NRST)

A chronic national housing shortage is exacerbating Canada’s affordability crisis, particularly in ...
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Land development map on a table with people working

Jul 21 2021

Land Development – Site Acquisition Interests of Buyer and Seller

Land development generally goes through a customary purchase process that consists of: ...
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Development Proposals | Theatre Rendering

Feb 25 2020

New Construction, Commercial Real Estate, and Residential Additions

Last year, the Municipal Property Assessment Corporation (MPAC), assessed 5,360,528 properties across ...
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