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You don’t need to be in the business of real estate to know that location can make or break an investment. From industrial site selection, retail success probability, to purpose-built rental housing, location and timing, must be a deciding factor.

In our data-driven world, industry sectors and individuals are increasingly turning to data-backed analysis to make faster and better-informed business decisions, while quantifying risk and constraints through due diligence.

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Data is everywhere—but it’s useless without analysis. You may have a mountain of data but, unless you know how to evaluate and apply that data in context, it won’t help you. In order to find the best location for real estate investment, you need contextualized and properly analyzed data..

In the hands of the inexperienced, a superabundance of data can muddy the waters, making it harder to get a clear picture of a location and the people in it.

During location analysis, an experienced commercial Realtor considers a number of data points to ensure they are pertinent, they will normalize the data so you are getting an apples-to-apples comparison, and will provide you with the context you need to understand the merits of a location.


Whether you’re using location analysis for commercial property for your business, income property, or land for development, you need the expertise of a local agent with insights into good investment property opportunities in your target area, including unlisted and soon-to-be-listed commercial properties.

You need relevant data sets and someone to analyze these data sets to quantify the success or failure of a specific location. This will allow you to make the best decision for you and your goals for the property.

Relevant data sets, combined with local knowledge and expertise will provide you with the expert context to make an informed decision quickly.


Squarefoot’s proprietary data sets, in combination with our real estate location analysis tools, allow our team to effectively target, vet, and compare specific locations in order to achieve your investment/business location goals. Using void analysis, we can even help you identify goods and services gaps in a target area so you can find the most competitive and beneficial area to grow your business. 

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Using data sets and location analytics, Squarefoot helps you identify opportunities others will have overlooked. We help you identify the ideal property for your specific goals, and effectively negotiate a price you’ll be happy with in order to close the deal.

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About Squarefoot Commercial Real Estate

After more than 60 years in commercial real estate in Barrie and the Simcoe County region,  Squarefoot has the knowledge, experience and community relationships to help you locate properties that align with your investment strategy and business needs.

We provide clients with the knowledge they need to realize their vision. This could include providing insight on policy changes that could impact your projects and what will encourage, discourage or limit the potential opportunity.

We know what is trending and ending in our markets early, and as a result, we help our clients make the best decisions with an understanding of demand, timing, land value, and the highest and best use. 

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