Our Level 10 Clients can quickly understand commercial real estate market opportunities and capitalize on them. Maps and spatial analysis supplement their experience and intuition with powerful decision-making insight. Decision making information that our Level 10 Clients can take to the bank.

Commercial Property Site Analytics 

Our Level 10 Client has requested that we help him to find another successful location.

Mixed-use development has proved very profitable. By combining commercial and residential uses, this property has become a winner in his portfolio. Our Level 10 Client understands the characteristics that have made the previous site successful and wants to find other locations to replicate this successful formula.

How Squarefoot.ca finds new areas of opportunity 

We Help Clients Find the Commercial Real Estate that Best Suits their Needs.

Once we quantify the key factors behind the current development’s success, we look for areas to find those same characteristics elsewhere. 

1. Custom, in-depth data

We overlay zoning data to focus the search on areas that are approved for mixed-use development, then apply our custom-made layers with a series of demographics filters to zero in on likely candidate sites.

2. Three sites share winning characteristics

Now our Level 10 Client and his investors can evaluate the financial feasibility of three sites that share the characteristics they are looking for. Which site offers the best return on capital with minimum development barriers?

3. The team identifies the best site for new development

With the data examined and financial models complete, our Level 10 Client knows with certainty that this site best matches his budget, the financial risk profile, and the successful mixed-use development profile.

“I had the pleasure of working with Linda on a couple of transactions with two of our large corporate clients: Aviva Canada Inc. and Investors Group Financial Services Inc.  I was extremely impressed with Linda’s knowledge of the market, attention to detail, and great analytical skills (she holds a CCIM designation). Her negotiation skills are second to none.  She has an in-depth understanding of our corporate clients’ needs and objectives.  She always gets the best results. I recommend Linda to all my C&W colleagues who have client requirements in Barrie and the surrounding area.”

Senior Director, Global Occupier Services Canada
Cushman & Wakefield

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